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It doesn't matter how you made it to this amazing network of women, but we want you to know we're excited about what God is doing in your life! You are here on purpose!

The RestoreHer Movement was birthed January 5th 2019, through Cheryl Lacey Donovan. God placed upon her heart that there are many women who are in need of healing, enlightenment, and renewal. It was impressed upon her that there are 7 key areas in women's lives where these elements of transformation need to take place. The seven pillars upon which the RestoreHer Movement rests. They are RestoreHer Identity, RestoreHer Spirit, RestoreHer Purpose/Passion, RestoreHer Emotion, RestoreHer Health, RestoreHer Relationships, and RestoreHer Wealth.

Cheryl knew she couldn't reach every woman physically; therefore for 2020, Cheryl and her team have created a network of women. The goal is to have these women meet in groups on a regular basis, and be accountable for each other. The vision is for The RestoreHER Movement network to extend beyond the United States, and include places such as Africa and Europe!  This ministry will provide an outlet to remind women of their value, worth and provide accountability in a sisterhood.

What does RestoreHER mean?

HER stands for Healing Enlightenment and Renewal 

Thank you for joining The RestoreHER Movement! Find a group or even start one in your area. Let’s encourage each other and build a bond between sisters in Christ!

I'm new here, what can I do on this site?

The RestoreHER Movement Community is a safe place for women to get together and be honest about their weaknesses and strengths.  This is also a place to encourage each other in Christ. First, make sure you watch the orientation Then, print out the study for that month, and take a look at the previous RestoreHER Movement Studies.  After that, go to the "groups" section and find a group in your local area, OR create your own group.  Every month, Cheryl will teach on that specific topic via video, and she will have a Q & A where she'll answer your specific questions. On this site you will be able to connect with other Sisters of Restoration, find awesome forums, chat rooms and so much more! Take some time and explore this great network!  Don't forget to sign up for the RestoreHER Conference in Houton, TX on October 17, 2020.

You will also need to create a page after you read this introduction! It's like a Facebook page for Christian women! 

I started a group, now what?

Promote the group via Facebook and Twitter! Invite your friends and be sure to tweet Cheryl Donovan (via @cherylspeaksnow).  She will let others know you have a new group in your local area

How do I contact Cheryl Donovan for Speaking Engagements or Interviews?

Via [email protected]

I have questions regarding my group, whom should I contact?

You can email [email protected]

I need prayer, who do I contact?

You can email [email protected]


This site is for women only! We wanted to create a place for women to gather, and be honest about where they are in their life. If you're interested in joining a men’s group-- check out RestoreHIM by going to

RestoreHER LeaderHERS

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